Mese: Ottobre 2019

There is something about fall

And that something is color. How beautiful is the blue of the summer sky, how pretty is the sparkling white of the snow and nothing brings joy like spring flowers. Yet, the warm color of the autumnal nature is unbeatable for me.

Almost all my friends are great summer fans so they low-key criticize me for this, but I’m sure I’m not the only one passionate about autumn. Especially when the sun is in the sky and the air is crisp but not cold.
It really is the ideal climate for a nice walk. This one I did a couple of weeks ago is also truly easy. It’s a path called La Camosciara that’s part of the Abruzzo, Campania and Molise National Park, in the south of Italy. It’s really suitable for everyone, this means that you don’t have the feeling of being completely surrounded by nature because for the most part you walk on the asphalt, anyway I strongly recommend it.

A small river runs close by the main road and all around there are all kind of threes. In October their foliage is red and golden and truly spectacular. There are supposed to be chamois, boars, bears and all sorts of wild life. I wasn’t lucky tho, I guess the animals prefer not to interact with humans and I can’t even blame them. Birds are less problematic in this respect, so you can easily spot small hawks, which is always a huge emotion for a town girl.

The last part of the path is a short and easy climb that crosses the woods (no asphalt here, yay!) and leads to a couple of waterfalls. I’m quite sure there are other paths leading up to the surrounding mountains but this time I didn’t get to explore them, I guess I’m not adventurous enough to go around without a map.

So what’s the point of all this, besides the obvious will to share a lovely experience? Well, the point is to share also a bit of love for the most underrated season. Come on, people, pretty fall deserves better!