Will coronavirus stop the travellers?

Well, not to be blunt, but apparently yes, especially if you’re italian. Like me. 18 countries have restricted access to people from Italy due to the infamous coronavirus, some of them forbid the access entirely. Others are telling people not to come here because it’s (supposedly) too dangerous. Cancelled planes, forced quarantene and other similar amenities are the very first consequences after just one week from the first outbreak of the virus. My guess is that it’ll get worse before getting better.

It’s not that easy to move around Italy itself as well. Milan was like a zombie town at the beginning of the week and this saddens me a lot. It’s not my city, but it’s still a place I hold dear, besides it has been proven by people much smarter than me that to panic about Covid-19 is completely useless.

Btw I had scheduled a trip to Milan right in the middle of March and I don’t know if I’ll be able to go. Probably not if nothing drastically changes in the next two weeks. Let alone the waste of money, I should’ve gone to the Lake of Garda, which is absolutely lovely and I was looking forward to see it again after, more or less, 15 years since the last time. I’m officially disappointed, now, mostly because I really don’t know when I’ll get another chance!

I won’t even start about Venice and the Carnival, one of the most beautiful events in one of the most charming cities in Italy. They had to cancel it and people up there who live on tourism lost tons and tons of money. Now, I know this will pass and I know there’re places in the world where people get it much worse on a daily basis, but Italy is my country, it really saddens me a lot to see it going down like that, especially because too many people in Italy or not basically overreacted. I hope we’ll all be fine soon, and I mean all of us, Italian, Chinese, Iranian, Japanese and so on.

In the meantime be strong, be smart, don’t panic and keep your finger crossed just in case, everything will be fine!