China, I still love you

A few days ago I came across this video made by Chinese students in support of Italy amid the coronavirus outbreak. Maybe I was tired of my quarantine, or just a bit emotional, but after 10 seconds I started to cry. I don’t cry easily, many things move me but to get to the point of actual tears, well let’s just say it takes a lot. Anyway, I reached the end of this video and I felt somehow lighter, more serene, even happier and surely grateful. Probably I just needed an outlet for my worries, bore and so on. Anyway I wanted to share my relief and newly found positivity in the comment section but of course, of course, it was full of vaguely (or not so vaguely) racist comments and I thought, how could I’ve been so naive! How could I possibly forget that while most people, in this period, talk about union and solidarity, the ignorants are still out there, are still the louder, and are still eager to point the finger, anxious to find someone to blame. The fact that this someone is Chinese (or at least not white) is really the icing on the cake. I also thought, then, how it is possible that someone in their right mind could really think of blaming every single Chinese person for this pandemic? Almost two billion people, all of them guilty? Because obviously Chinese citizens have been very happy to get sick with Covid-19, die, close all their commercial activities and so on. So happy to the point that they wanted to make the same gift to us too, perhaps because Italy and China are commercial partners and Italy has a “communist” past which is also quite recent.

For my part, even in the remote hypothesis that covid-19 was actually created by mad scientists I have, thank God, still enough brain to know that the Chinese people have suffered as much as the rest of the world is suffering now. That a whole nation could not, in any case, be held responsible (and therefore punished), for the faults of a few. However, I still believe that this pandemic was just a bad, very bad accident, and since this is still a travel blog, let’s talk a bit about travel too.

As soon as it’ll be safe again, and as soon as I’ll have enough money, I’ll totally go to China. For the awesome landscapes and the ancient culture, but if this also spites the racists, well, it’s even better. Zhangjiajie and Avatar mountains, of course, will be part of the tour, but to see Lí Jiāng on a boat has been one of those things on my to do list since for ever. And what about Suzhou and Hangzhou? I’m literally drooling just thinking about it.

Obviously I want to see the Great Wall as well as the Forbidden City, I’ve never been against main stream attraction anyway, mostly because there’s a reason if they are main stream. Since it’ll be my very first time in China it seems only fair to start from the fundamentals. I have to say my confusion about the exact geography and distance between all those places is great, and of course I have zero idea about the possible connections. At least I’ve still got plenty of time to study a suitable itinerary.

In the meantime I hope everybody in the whole world is holding on. This will pass, we’ll travel again 🙂