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I miss you, Tokyo

Tokyo, Japan

Sometimes I feel randomly nostalgic and today it just happens to be one of those days. Maybe because I recently met some of my old and best travel buddies, who I miss all the time since we are scattered all over Italy, or because it’s been a while since my first time in Japan. Or simply because I enjoyed Tokyo so much a bit of nostalgia was to be expected anyway.
I can’t honestly say that Tokyo was a place where I was extremely happy. There have been other travels, before, where I felt more at peace with myself. Anyway I loved that town, I still do, it made me feel small but at the same time protected. And I never felt lost. Now I long for the huge neon signs, for the crowded metro, for a language I can’t understand but I love the sound of.
Maybe because it’s a city with two souls, as cliché as this may be, an old one and a modern one, both wings and roots, just like me. I’m convinced there are places we share a connection with, every single one of us has a few even if sometimes we don’t notice it.
Tokyo may be just one of those places for me.

Let’s begin with Portugal

Ok this is waht happens when my poor skills as a photographer meet my cheap phone’s camera: a very lucky shot that looks pretty decent despite everything. By the way, I know how travel blogs work, but don’t expect to find many outstanding pics here, as stated before, I sorely lack the due technology. Anyway, I honestly find sea life sort of hypnotic. I could spend hours just looking at algae swinging by the sea current. I can’t possibly be the only one who finds it a bit romantic too, right?